3 productivity hacks that’ll make next year a breeze

  • Having a business plan will help you make more money, have less stress and enjoy life more. Eliminate digital time sucks, and you’ll free up more time for your business.

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Over time an agent earns honorary degrees in contracts, negotiation, counseling, patience and juggling — the art of keeping many things in the air at once. Most people aren’t natural jugglers — it takes years of practice. Any good jester will tell you, it’s a lot easier when there are fewer balls to catch. As an agent, reducing your task load means using a bit of magic in the form of hacks. Below are three simple hacks that’ll increase your productivity and decrease aggravating digital hassles. 1. Do your business plan in October Agents without a written business plan seldom hit their lead generation goals, often lose past clients to other agents because they fail to stay in touch and miss family events because they’re too busy. This leads to increased stress and cortisol levels, which in turn, are highly correlated with serious illness including cancer and heart disease. Completing your business plan in October allows you to start implementing it now and h...