6 things homebuyers love to call out in the final walkthrough

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After months of hard work, a home sale comes down to one make-or-break moment: the final walkthrough. That nail-biting buyer pop-by before closing can either delight or disappoint. Perhaps the last time the buyers visited the house was during the inspection, when they were likely distracted. For others, it may be the first time they've seen the house in the flesh, thanks to the incredibly well-connected world in which we live. With some serious cash on the line -- not to mention buyers' reveries of all the memories their new home will soon hold -- they expect to see the house in as near perfect condition as possible. Here are six walkthrough issues that commonly arise, and how to overcome them. Flooring So much for good photos and staging. Once all the furniture and area rugs have been removed, the floors reveal discoloration, cracked tiles or worse yet, hidden stains on carpet. Before putting a home on the market, sellers should check any areas of their home that hav...