10 habits all new real estate agents should master

  • As a new agent, you should research your clients, pre-qualify your buyers, get to know the homes and neighborhoods in which you work and pre-emptively take care of the details.

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A house is the stage that one's life plays out on. Real estate agents don't sell houses, they sell dreams, happiness, a place to call home. Being an agent is a tough and demanding job but rewarding nonetheless. If you are new agent, you're probably excited to start your career as you should be. Below, you'll find 10 tasks you should turn into habits immediately for a better start to your career. Put on a happy face Your appearance, behavior and attitude can make or break it for you, therefore, always remember to greet people with a smile, and be amiable. Answer all their queries with patience, and do not let your clients see any of the negativity you might be feeling from time to time. Whenever you are meeting your clients, always dress appropriately, and look sharp. Be honest It's true that you have to emphasize the plus-points of a home, but you can't lie about the negatives such as a need for major repairs or crucial issues like water, electricity, crime rates, etc. R...