Perfecting your pitch: 5 simple steps to gain no-cost exposure

Master these techniques to maximize opportunities for your listings and personal brand
  • If you want to get exposure from a media outlet, you have to perfect your pitch by knowing the audience, creating an angle, nailing the timing and being ready to be a resource at any moment.

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There is an art to drafting offers that stand out and negotiating a successful close that real estate agents must learn to master. What if I told you those same techniques can be applied to gain no-cost exposure for both your listings and personal brand? Much like researching comps, over-lauding a selling point or preparing a launch, mastering these five steps can help you secure valuable “real estate” in leading digital and print media outlets worldwide. Here's what you have to do: 1. Know the audience To win a successful pitch, you must tailor the message to suit the medium or outlet you are shooting for. Do your research. What types of stories do they run? What does their editorial calendar look like? Who is their target audience? You can often get this information with an advertising inquiry or request for media kit from an account executive. If you work at a larger brokerage or real estate firm, ask your marketing department if they would be willing to share any ...