8 tips for taking your real estate blog to the next level

  • Developing a content calendar, utilizing social, updating posts and leveraging other people will help you grow your blog.

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Establishing a thriving real estate blog in a competitive market takes more than just good writing. A creative use of mixed media, a deep understanding of your audience and a well-developed strategy are all essential for blogging success. The following tips can help make a strong impact on blog growth while encouraging more interaction from your target market: potential homebuyers and sellers. 1. Develop a content calendar One of the most important goals for every realtor-turned-blogger is to enhance readership with homebuyers. It is prudent for those in the beginning phases to remember that planning in advance for the right content strategy will take things to the next level more efficiently and quickly. Focus on value; sharing posts with unique real estate knowledge or tips will be beneficial to those interested in the market and will help develop trust with your audience. 2. Share posts on social At this point, most real estate agents and brokers are on Facebook, Twitter, ...