6 ways to be more than just a ‘hobbyist’ agent

Be a proud licensed professional instead

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The other day I met yet another person, who said something that has never sat well with me: “Oh, I dabble in real estate as well.” This person's nonchalant attitude about an industry I love rubbed against my professional pride. Why? Because it pared down my 30-something years of being a student and leader of real estate and put us on the same playing field of expertise just because we hold the same license. It’s a pity our industry responsibilities are taken so nonchalantly and that all real estate agents consider themselves “equals” based on merely holding the same license. It's not monkey business Clients trust us with their most important asset, but anyone can have the job as long as they pass the test -- which is easier to pass than a cosmetology test. If you doubt the validity of what I’m saying, think about this: Would you ever go to a doctor or a surgeon who "dabbles" in medicine? How about a lawyer who's main income stream comes from being a yoga i...