7 outrageous real estate client demands

  • A real estate agent's responsibilities tend to be loosely viewed as including tasks such as cleaning, pet sitting and keeping the yard maintained.

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Buyers and sellers often misunderstand the scope and responsibilities of a real estate agent. Then again, agents don’t really come with a quantifiable job description, which is a big part of the problem in the first place. It's no wonder consumers think that everything between showing and listing homes falls in an agent's wheelhouse. Unfortunately, some buyers and sellers don’t hesitate to expect that their agent do things beyond the scope of their job and make those tasks contingent on getting the sale. Here are the seven most outrageous demands that need a reality check: Maid service or house cleaning                              The seller will often say “I’ll need you to come over before showings to straighten things up.” Turning on lights and fluffing sofa pillows is one thing, having to make beds, pick clothes up off the floor, deal with laundry and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher is another. Ditto for having to run the vacuum and sweep t...