3 minor tweaks for major real estate business growth

Poor response time and follow-up lead to poor levels of client satisfaction
  • Respond to leads within five minutes, follow up relentlessly and market open houses thoroughly. If you're not mastering these things, switch up your system.

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Looking for ways to spark major real estate business growth? Before you start making big changes, consider tweaking a few of your current practices. Martin Bouma Martin Bouma did just that and has managed to grow his business by 25 percent or more for two consecutive years. Last year, Bouma’s team of 14 people sold 315 houses. Read on for three of the tweaks that helped Bouma boost his team’s production to such an impressive figure. To hear them all, listen to the podcast below. Improve your team’s lead response If you aren’t calling your leads within five minutes, your conversion odds drop drastically. In fact, according to a Lead Response Management study, you’re 100 times more likely to contact a lead successfully in 5 minutes or less than you are at 30 minutes. By not responding to leads quickly, you’re essentially throwing them away. Once Bouma realized how important it is to respond to leads...