Give lead conversion to Facebook Messenger bots (they’re better at it)

  • Facebook Messenger boasts much higher open rates than email. If you send mass messages via Messenger, most prospects will likely open them.

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Countless real estate agents generate leads with Facebook. What most agents don’t realize, however, is that Facebook Messenger is also a great platform for generating leads. If you’re having trouble bringing up sales numbers with common marketing methods, a strategy that leverages Facebook Messenger might be exactly what you need to break through your plateau. Travis Thom Real estate marketing expert and agent Travis Thom has found an easy, effective way to leverage Facebook Messenger for online lead generation. Using custom-built Facebook Messenger bots, Thom is able to engage potential clients effortlessly. Read on to find out how he generates leads automatically with bots. To learn Thom’s complete Facebook Messenger strategy, including his biggest tip on building a Facebook Messenger bot, listen to the podcast below. Start leveraging Facebook Messenger for leads To date, there are more than 1 billion p...