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How to build a brand from the ground up

West + Main's Stacie Perrault Staub became a Denver sensation in 9 months

When Stacie Perrault Staub left her job as director of marketing at her old agency, she made the quick (and brilliant) decision to start her own brokerage. Motivated and determined to change the Denver real estate scene, Staub hit the ground running and created a successful brokerage and brand in 9 short months. The key was speed: “When I say I had to move fast -- I had to move fast,” Staub told the Inman Conect crowd. “We created the logo; then the next day we crated the sign program, and we had it in a yard the day after that. I couldn’t overthink it. I had to just go, ‘Yes, let’s do it, I love it.'" Watch Staub on the Inman stage as she shares insights into the thought process and steps that made her indie brokerage such a hit....