10 little extras that make hosting an open house worth it

Making events fun and useful for the buyer makes the property seem more appealing

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An open house can be an effective way to get some interest going in a property and generate leads. The best open house events are memorable, interesting and exciting for attendees. Try these 10 tips to take your event to the next level and help secure interest in the home from eager buyers. 1. Use a theme You can get creative and have a theme for your open house. This tip can sound a little cheesy, but it doesn’t have to be. A theme can be as simple as serving Tex-Mex food in an adobe home or playing music to match the home’s style. It's all about making the stressful process of buying a home more exciting for your potential buyers.  2. Offer food and drink Go simple, and offer champagne, some finger foods or cookies, or go all out and cater lunch for your guests -- it really depends on your budget and clientele. Either way, this addition can make guests feel more welcome. Even better, it might be enough to entice on-the-fence visitors to come check out the house. 3...