Why you should build your brand around your ideal client

Stop being the everything-to-everyone agent, and start being a real estate professional
  • Specialize and focus on defining your ideal client. Once you have every detail about your avatar, consider his or her wants, needs, pain points, challenges, etc., in everything you do, and include that in your business planning.

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When you get braces, do you go to an orthodontist or a general dentist? When you need a hip replacement, do you go to an orthopedic surgeon or a general surgeon? You want someone who specializes in the service you need, right? Then why, I ask, would you be the general real estate practitioner in your area? Admittedly, I did this for years. It's my fault, and my income was mediocre at best. When I decided to specialize, get focused, define my ideal client and connect with her on a deeper level, my business changed and became more fulfilling. So stop being afraid to choose a specialty. Every minute you wait to do this you are losing money. Why you need to define your ideal client You're building a business based on helping people buy and sell real estate. What kind of people do you want to help? Who is your dream client? If I asked you right now to define your dream client, could you do it in detail? You need to know exactly -- down to the minor specific details -- who this...