How to find your niche and market the hell out of it

Don’t let FOMO take over and ruin your chances of crushing it in real estate
  • Many real estate agents try to be everything to everyone and have a strong fear of missing out that costs them business.
  • When selecting a niche market, consider income and production, average sales price, previous sales activity, required size of the niche market, location, how you fit in and how your company fits in.
  • Don’t try to find the needle-in-the haystack seller who is ready to sell the day you cold call. Instead, create a strong unique value proposition, and distribute your pre-listing package as widely as you can. People should know what you can do for them before they think about hiring you.

Do you feel like you chase deals all over your town? Are you tired of wasting money on lead generation that doesn’t seem to work? Or do you feel like your business lacks focus?