How Navy family life led to a thriving VR real estate startup

Realtor Lauren Taylor's tech platform makes home search easier for military families, long-distance buyers

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

San Diego-based real estate agent Lauren Taylor, a Realtor with Big Block Realty and a proud Navy wife, serves a special homebuyer niche -- military families relocating to Southern California who must find a home at a moment's notice. The challenge of helping her clients view a large number of homes in a short amount of time led her to conceptualize and launch a virtual reality (VR) technology platform, Savvy Homes Portal, to show properties from a distance. Now her service is being used by agents and brokers across the country, and she is the CEO of a thriving new business. Taylor's real estate career began in 2014 under Harmony Realty, after her husband was deployed for the second time, and she sought an outlet to overcome "the redundancy of doing deployment and being alone." At Harmony, she found herself plenty busy. But her growing client base was routinely limited by her availability on the weekends, the only time when many of her buyers were able to hunt for homes in "mar...