Survival of the richest: Real estate’s technology arms race

Hacking a new future one funding round at a time

A homeowner thinking about selling starts searching for local home value information online and stumbles across an iBuyer platform -- one that will let the prospective seller offload the property in a specific and exact timeframe. Meanwhile, a renter across town starts browsing for a bigger place and finds a wealth of information on rentals and entry-level homes for sale, all available on a real estate portal. And the real estate agent who services either buyer or seller (or both) uses an array of technology products to do his job -- from lead management tools to platforms that power his website to transaction management streamliners -- even as the broker who oversees him uses office management software and probably uses technology to check in on her agents, too. Welcome to the world of real estate services in 2017, where just about every aspect of the process, from lead generation to close, involves some kind of technology. And that’s not looking likely to change: Investmen...