How to engage consumers with a real estate Facebook group

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With the current news of Facebook news feed changes, now is the time to focus on building your own real estate Facebook group. Three years ago, I started my first Facebook group for real estate in my area. I decided that I would start a local group in my valley called “Flathead Valley Homes For Sale or Rent.” I was shocked at the instant growth that the group generated. In less than one week I had over 100 people join. As I watched my local group grow, I started thinking bigger. I thought, I have a Montana real estate license, I can sell real estate anywhere in Montana, why am I limiting myself to my local area? This was the beginning of my other groups in Billings (the largest city in Montana), Missoula and Bozeman. Even though I started the Billings group months after my local group, it quickly surpassed my local group, and at this time, there are 12,476 people in the group! I have teamed up with real estate agents in my non-local areas, and I send referrals and ...