10 spring cleaning tips to help your listing shine

Get a head start before you even hit the market

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With the abundance of sunshine, everything blooming and people eager to get out and about, spring is the perfect time for sellers to spruce up their home and jump on the market. A little elbow grease can produce surprising positive results and help the listing look more appealing to potential buyers. Here’s a 10-point spring cleaning checklist. Give it to your would-be homesellers to help them sell faster. Maximize curb appeal Have sellers get the yard in shape as quickly as possible. Clear away lingering leaves, trim shrubs, mow the grass, wash down the sidewalks and driveway, and even pressure-wash the house to make it sparkling clean. Give the exterior a facelift If it's looking shabby, suggest that sellers paint the front door, shine the metalwork, buy a fresh new mat (nothing too crazy) and frame the entry with spring-blooming plants or perennials in handsome bright-colored pots. Clean the windows, inside and out Nothing says "good ongoing maintenance" like sparkli...