As potential buyers are having to make lightning-quick decisions based on limited visits or online marketing materials alone, these fixes are no-brainers that buyers will love
Nov 15
Now that it's finally cool outside, it's the perfect time for sellers to roll up their sleeves and revamp their home's exterior. Use this checklist to help them make a solid first impression with their curb appeal this fall
Oct 18
How buyers find their new home has changed dramatically, and maybe even permanently. Remember that what’s normal for us now is all new to sellers — especially the first-timers
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Sep 6
When buyers first walk through the door, they're bringing with them a lot of false truths. It's your job to open their eyes
Aug 23
A ‘Money Pit’ is funny when it stars Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, but when it’s your clients, make sure your buyers aren’t actors in a real-time remake — and you’ll be a big star
Jul 26
Amid this pandemic, you can cling to ingrained habits and tweak them to our current reality, or you can embrace the opportunity to add new skills, up your game, improve your personal branding and upgrade your inventory
Jul 5
Now that many restrictions have expired, foreclosure filings are on the rise once again; here’s what you should know to pursue foreclosures
Jun 20
Answering these questions live will give your prospective buyers the best virtual tour experience
Jun 8
Staging can make your life — and your sellers' and buyers' experiences — infinitely more rewarding, if you approach it right
May 30
Buying a property without seeing it in person is hardly ideal. But, in the new world created by COVID-19, virtual touring is becoming increasingly common
May 26
This unique moment is a time to rise up and be better, so start by doing better
May 2
Sometimes, clients need a little nudge to truly understand the value of a home's curb appeal. It might take a little persuasion, but here's how to encourage your clients to give their homes a face-lift
Apr 26
Being camera-worthy is more about knowledge, confidence and good communication skills than it is about appearance
Apr 1
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