How to stay top-of-mind after the deal closes

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As a real estate agent, you’ve invested months of time and energy getting to know your clients. You’ve examined all the angles and tended to every detail of their home purchase. Now that the deal has closed, what happens next? A closing gift feels right, but chances are, it’ll get tucked away in a drawer, quickly forgotten. When the goal is to leave a lasting impression, a celebratory dinner or branded knick knack may not be enough. Some agents go the extra mile and offer their clients highly personalized insights, advice or services instead of a predictable keepsake or gift basket. “You have to read each client in their own way,” said Robynn Masters, sales associate with Coldwell Banker in Salt Lake City. “Some are moving away, some are moving in. Sometimes the transactions are bittersweet. You have to read each scenario and make a decision on how best to offer closure.” Every transaction is different, just like every client and his or her needs will vary....