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GreenStats is exactly that — green: Tech Review

From what's happening now to what might happen next year, GreenStats' agent-developed perfomance indicators bridge the gap between back-office financial management and agent performance coaching
Production tracking platform

GreenStats is a software product built by an active agent that helps brokers and team leads stay abreast of how their business is performing.

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GreenStats is an agent and team activity tracker for teams and brokerages.

Platforms: Browser; companion iOS app
Ideal for: Teams and small brokerages

Top selling points:

  • Upfront, quick access to critical metrics
  • Stat Board
  • Multiple ways to view data
  • “Light” back-office accounting
  • Versatile reporting tools

Top concern:

This is a new product in need of user interface upgrades and more time to define its category. There’s potential here, and in time, the product should shine.

What you should know

GreenStats is a tool for brokers and team leads to keep abreast of what’s happening with every deal, agent and closing going on under their watch. It’s a statistics and activity tracker at heart, but spreads its functionality into parts of the back-office oversight realm. There’s some P&L functionality, financial forecasting, bank integrations and plenty of reporting. This is a very good step toward office efficiency upgrades for those brokerages functioning on Excel, Quickbooks or other dated business trackers.

In its current state, GreenStats is exactly that: Green. A little raw.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough here to help nourish the business of small- to mid-size brokerages and teams on the rise.


I’m a fan of software built by agents, as this is, and even more so when the developer knows their audience. This is designed to be an everyday checkup, a tool to palpate the beat of your business without weighing it down in unnecessary features or costs.

What I like most about it, and the suite of functionality on which I hope GreenStats comes to base its sales pitch, is its StatBoard. Exactly what it sounds like, this interface delivers a card-by-card breakdown of everything fueling the business. Indicated by clear “up” or “down” graphical indicators of where you stand on pending closings, new leads, volume pending, units closed, GCI pending, average price, closed GCI net and an array of other critical performance measurements.

Card displays can be filtered by team or agent, as well.

Each card displays a few upfront details, and clicking into each reveals source data and a more intricate look into what’s behind the numbers. Naturally, this is how an astute broker or team lead can take action.

GreenStats isn’t original in this respect; there are a lot of coaching and agent performance modules built into other software. But few do it to this extent, or in such a way to appeal to the mid-sized operation.

The Pipeline view delves into a more robust, more clinical look into the activities pending and pushing the StatBoard’s metrics. It’s a nice touch for the less visually inclined, and offers a smart way to sort production numbers.

GreenStats could benefit from an MLS integration for listing data input. Its current Google API is quick, but will require additional vetting from the user, as street names, for example, are similar across the country. A local IDX feed makes more sense here, and why not limit your data to your active market, as surely that information has already been entered at the onset of the relationship.

The Profit & Loss features do a good job of simplifying high-level accounting tasks and add some smarts with a number of major bank APIs that will connect live account data with the software for fast, clean breakdowns of the hard numbers. Final reports can be output easily to PDF.

I admit to being pretty impressed that GreenStats’ mobile app demonstrates 100 percent parity with its browser-based sibling. It’s not often found among back-office applications because this category tends to be associated with full-time office dwellers and decision-makers.

Intended or not, this is another great way in which GreenStats knows its audience. The person overseeing 20 offices and a thousand agents isn’t in the field or on the go as much as the independent broker running 20 agents in a single zip code. The GreenStats broker is likely still doing deals, chasing down lock boxes and thumbing through office updates on their mobile device.

I think GreenStats has some decision-making to do in regard to what it wants to be when it grows up. But, at less than a month old by the time this review publishes, they deserve the time required to choose.

With an agent behind it, one who is not shy of the work required to fill in the gaps, I think we’ll be proud of where this upstart proptech ends up.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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