Broker's advice proves invaluable in keeping legal trouble away
May 2
App makes reading, editing, signing and filling out PDFs a breeze
Apr 25
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Apr 24
Take notes, snap photos, record audio and share it across multiple devices
Apr 22
Technology is helping homebuyers avoid bad purchase decisions
Apr 22
Never again worry about running out of juice for your smartphone or tablet
Apr 18
Today's endorsements of homophobic candidates are reminiscent of past wrongs
Apr 17
Imagine a 'hard drive in the sky' where you can access files from multiple devices and email them to clients
Apr 15
App collects background info on people and turns them into 'talking points' for your next meeting
Apr 11
Be instantly ready to show homes by unlocking lockboxes with your smartphone
Apr 10
Smartphone app is a time saver, keeps you connected, and is a great alternative to text messaging or email
Apr 9
Use old posts as inspiration, roundup best work by others
Apr 7
The trials and tribulations of starting a career as a real estate agent
Apr 4
Key concerns buyers and sellers want addressed before hiring you
Mar 19
If you're not inviting this particular demographic, it may be costing you buyers
Mar 14
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Mar 13
Email and phone tips to put potential clients in comfort zone
Mar 13
Withdrawal restrictions create crisis of confidence
Mar 1