Referral rewards, video testimonials rank high on agents' lists
Aug 15
Neighborhood knowledge that no one else has is what Google will find authoritative
Aug 12
Going above the asking price doesn't always sweeten the deal
Aug 8
Making other major purchases or applying for new credit can turn experience into big hassle
Aug 5
Ditch the scripts and instead match your prospects' body language and vocal tone to earn their trust
Aug 1
Know what doesn't work when trying to nail your branding, lead gen
Jul 24
I'm really looking forward to my next showing -- honest!
Jul 3
Creating a better experience for all parties should be a no-brainer
Jun 23
Updated, keyword-rich content is what readers -- and search engines -- are looking for
Jun 20
In a world blurred by emails, texts and hasty voice mails, a handwritten card still packs the biggest punch
Jun 10
Think twice before using public Wi-Fi, installing certain apps
Jun 6
Incorporating virtual tours, panoramas and collages just got easier
Jun 3
What buyers and sellers need is market analysis, not cheesecake recipes
May 28
URLs are only one thing they can do for you
May 27
Make it fun without coming across as an annoying salesperson
May 23
Population and economic growth hasn't kept pace with rampant construction of McMansions
May 19
Redesign takes clues from Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest
May 9