Adam's Stories

As Inman readers know well, there’s a lot of interest in how to move beyond legacy media formats in online real estate. Text descriptions can be search engine optimized, and photographs can provide aesthetically pleasing images, but both are static formats invented for the printed page: dead, dried-out data.

Jun 9

Today’s model is a little different. It’s not a luxury residence fit for a king, but a modest apartment for a typical citizen. What is unique about this model isn’t the apartment it shows, but rather it’s the way that it’s made.

May 19

The architects Zach + Z√ľnd won a competition to design Losinger Marazzi’s ecologically friendly transformation of a spinning mill into loft apartments. Trust Switzerland to come up with environmentally friendly luxury apartments. This one includes 12-foot ceilings, lime-washed interiors and generous windows that produce a salubrious atmosphere.

May 8

On Feb. 23, something almost unimaginable happened. A corporation put up all the top executive posts for democratic selection by their employees in an anonymous vote.

Apr 16