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Long before there was any permanent settlement where Ross, California, sits, members of the coastal Miwok tribe lived off the bounty of the land. The Miwok believed in living in harmony with the plants and animals, and much of that same spirit lives on today in the residents of Ross.

Aug 22

Nestled at the feet of Mount Tamalpais, you will find the unincorporated town of Kentfield. The small town is home to people who not only love living close to nature, but also want easy access to everything San Francisco has to offer. Almost every house in Kentfield is blessed with a spectacular view, whether it is of the mountain, Bay or lush redwood forest canopy.

Jun 29

The two towns of Larkspur and Corte Madera represent the best of Marin County. Located just 14 miles north of San Francisco, these small twin towns are, in many ways, the spiritual heart of the area. They are home to breathtaking beauty, world-class shopping, one of the best high schools in the United States and charming, historic old town areas.

May 10

Sausalito might have the most magnificent views of anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Situated just across the strait from San Francisco, Saulsalito offers perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco skyline and beautiful Angel Island. The community also has some of the most sought after real estate anywhere.

Apr 11

San Rafael real estate market has the distinction of offering a higher number of homes in a wider variety or price points that just about anywhere else in Marin County. San Rafael is Marin County’s oldest and largest city. San Rafael is a vibrant, modern community with gorgeous open spaces and homes in almost every price range.

Jan 12

Tiburon, Spanish for “shark”, is a quiet town with breathtaking views. Surrounded by the magnificent San Francisco Bay on three sides, and the closest mainland point to Angel Island, Tiburon is a sea town.

Dec 1

From the numbers, you wouldn’t expect much from Mount Tamalpais, Mount Tam to the locals of Mill Valley. Mount Tam is not the tallest mountain around. It lacks the technical allure of the crags in nearby Yosemite.

Nov 11