Brian's Stories

Rents don’t historically fall during recessions, even as home prices do. Investors should keep the following in mind moving forward
Nov 29
Following the herd and conventional wisdom never got real estate investors anywhere. Try these tactics to score great deals on investment properties
Sep 20
Look to buy properties at a discount during downturns, and hold them as income properties for the foreseeable future. Once housing markets pick up steam again, you can reassess your options.
Aug 30
If you’re thinking about either buying rental properties or investing in real estate crowdfunding — how do you choose between them? Let's look at the options
Jun 28
Recessions can be nerve-wracking for real estate investors. But several factors make rentals a smart investment in uncertain times
May 17
Real estate offers many of the same advantages as bonds, without the same inflation risk. Here's how you can take advantage of its potential in today's market
Mar 29