Brian's Stories


At the recent Keller Williams Family Reunion, Gary Keller told a room of 15,000 agents and brokers that the average return on investment for online advertising in 2015 was a negative 32 percent.

Feb 22

At the beginning of each year, companies start coming out with all kinds of reports based on the previous year. The most interesting one I’ve seen so far is from a company called LiveChat.

Jan 19

Disruption and innovation abound in today’s real estate technology world. With the recent announcement of Zillow Group acquiring transaction management firm dotloop, Zillow continues to be mentioned in headlines — and social media threads — as a threat to the real estate industry.

Aug 28

I was browsing social media, and something caught my eye. It wasn’t an advertisement on my page, mind you, but another agent who was complaining that “discount brokers” are the reason that our industry is in shambles, mentioning something about “you get what you pay for” and “bait-and-switch” tactics.

Jul 21

With all of the technology, tools, tasks and toys out there that a real estate agent can take advantage of, the challenge becomes how to get everything integrated and working efficiently. What agents often forget is that real estate is a business and in business, there are only two things that you can really leverage: time and money.

Mar 18

Last week, I visited the Raise The Bar In Real Estate Group and found this post: “When you go door-knocking and there is a ‘no soliciting’ sign, what do you do?”

Feb 6

Love it or hate it, Zillow is not going anywhere. I posted a simple question to my Facebook wall the other day, and the replies indicated why consumers trust Zillow more than they trust real estate agents. Here’s what I learned:

Jan 30