Brian's Stories

Paying a compliment is always done for the other, and it exhibits tremendous confidence
Jan 17
Agent teams can be a great asset for brokerages, and vice versa, if all parties play their cards right
May 31

Stress can sometimes hinder our ability to be great agents, and it can also negatively impact our income and career if we aren’t careful. To avoid this level of stress, try incorporating these 10 tips for maintaining your zen in the midst of chaos.

May 19

If you’ve followed along through entries one, two, three and four, you’ve pretty well stopped generating paper. Your calendars, notes, lists and transaction docs are in the ether.

Mar 29

We know why to go paperless, we’ve taken the first steps, and we’ve honed our use of a note-taking app. Let’s look at our key system: inboxes

Mar 22

We’ve talked about reasons to go paperless and the first steps to getting there. So your transactions, calendars and to-do lists should now be in the cloud.

Mar 8

Last week, we talked about some of the reasons to go paperless. Today, we’ll look at the first few steps to getting there. The idea is to give you a workable sequence of steps that can get you there, along with some of the tools you’ll need.

Mar 1

The way we do business has changed more dramatically and more swiftly in the last five years than it did in the previous 25 — mostly thanks to communication technologies. This has certainly created some new challenges for all of us, but it’s also creating tremendous opportunities.

Feb 22