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Do these tasks before putting a house on the market
Jul 7

Good software can be the gateway to brokerage success or an immense black hole into which money is absorbed. As brokers, we’re barraged with constant inquiries to “try the latest” or “here’s what you need.” What you want are real estate tech tools that will do the best possible job for the money. Here’s my list of favorites.

Mar 17

I installed the upgrade a day after the general release. It took about two hours and absolutely nothing went wrong. It recognized every feature and every software program I had installed save one. No data was lost, and nothing has failed since then. It was as close to perfect as a consumer could want.

Aug 13

Commute time is a major factor in the purchase decision of many home buyers — and Re/Max has just added a new CommuteTime feature in the MAXview HomeSearch app to align desired commute distance with home searches.

Apr 22

Digital signature software is a critical asset to today’s highly mobile paperless agent. The National Association of Realtors has been a long-term strategic partner with DocuSign for years and offers Realtors substantial discounts on their line of real estate digital signature products.

Apr 17

There is a rumor among the public that the real purpose of open houses is about generating leads for agents — not selling the house. The mainstream press has also jumped on the myth. They say real estate agents are pulling the wool over the eyes of their clients through the pretense that open houses benefit the sellers.

Apr 15

In many of the hottest real estate markets around the country the housing market is now in its fifth year of growth. Although there are still pockets of recovery here and there, the largest markets from San Francisco to New York have pretty much gone back to their 2006 or 2007 highs, or beyond.

Apr 8

I’ve got a secret — a couple, in fact — that could really and truly transform your business. First, there is no “magic” in real estate or any industry. The common theme I see in so much promotion of new ideas is that they’re quick or easy.

Feb 19