Carl's Stories

From buyers who tell the truth to agents who actually pick up the phone and sellers who understand the Zestimate is bunk, here's what Realtors would really love to see under the tree
Dec 23
Eat that frog, the one thing, the 80-20 principle — many wise business people have written volumes on the subject of getting after it. Mega team leader Carl Medford gives his personal strategy on how to knock out the most impactful business activities first
Dec 22
How you handle a crisis could either result in the end of your real estate career or a glowing review. To ensure the latter, follow these steps to respond with honesty, compassion and direction
Dec 17
While some agents hit the new year running, others seem to be stuck in the mud, repeating the same mistakes from the previous year and going nowhere. Here are 4 key areas to master for 2022 to get your business going in the right direction
Dec 7
Mega-team leader Carl Medford illuminates the top 11 issues that he believes will be affecting real estate in the future
Nov 25
The pandemic has impacted homeless populations across the country. Rather than the standard advertising-based pie giveaway this Thanksgiving, consider a meaningful alternative. Here's what one mega team is doing
Nov 10
Buyers need a facilitator who will help them purchase the home they want to buy and protect them throughout the purchase process
Nov 2
Some buyers think that a magic turn of phrase or one more marketing strategy will sell their home, but it's just not true. Much of the marketing magic happens upfront, so right-pricing and a solid rollout are essential
Sep 22