Devon's Stories

Gain a perspective on how the industry is misrepresenting local insights and losing trust with consumers.
Apr 30
From data & culture to value propositions & resources, two leaders talk talent acquisition, retention & building leading brokerages.
Apr 17
Discover Issuu: The easiest way to publish & distribute digital property flyers, market reports & other marketing collateral.
Apr 16
Shaker’s all-in-one solution delivers transaction management, a client communication hub, workflow automation, and nurture campaigns.
Mar 28
geniusprice enables you to understand property conditions, obtain innovative valuation insights & make confident pricing decisions.
Mar 16
From financing to marketing to iBuying, catch up on three of the top exhibitor demonstrations
Jun 23
Get a first-look at the new ACCESS digital listing presentation platform with this guided walkthrough.
Jun 14
Real estate tech and service companies come together for a 3-day interactive event
Jun 10