Devon's Stories
Boost Your Online Rep, Testimonials & Referrals with a Simple Automated Tool
Make sure you're set up to win business when potential clients find you online
Jul 20
Direct mail isn’t dead – Learn the why and how to help your brokerage
Direct mail remains an integral part of the marketing mix for brand awareness and attracting and retaining clients
Jul 19
5 questions tech-savvy leaders should ask before choosing new technology
Sidestep the rabbit hole of broker tech that's a bad fit for your business
Jul 18
Inman announces another 12 sponsors for ICSF17
Sponsors and exhibitors will bring solutions for growth-focused change to Inman Connect San Francisco
Jul 18
How property managers can attract and retain top talent
Build your most qualified, loyal team ever
Jul 12
Inman announces 12 more Startup Alley participants for ICSF
Startup Alley to supply business solutions to the forefront of real estate
Jul 11
Generating business with an all-in-one marketing solution
New clients, boosted sales, & loyalty, all from a single business solution
Jul 7
Agent Legend: How to close more deals without generating more leads
Witness the secret weapon top brokers, teams, and agents are using right now to turn in huge conversion numbers
Jun 27