Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner revealed to Intel why an inventory surge in the fall of 2022 may have been a blip — and what that might mean for the housing market
Sep 13
Real estate didn't shed an unusual number of workers in August. But there are fewer jobs than it once seemed. Intel explains the paradox
Sep 1
The Mark Seiden Real Estate Team is partnering with Howard Hanna Rand Realty, increasing the latter's influence north of New York City, according to an announcement
Aug 31
Is this mini-floorplan a sign of 'shrinkflation' in housing? This month, the internet weighed in on Lennar's idea of affordability at a tiny-home community in San Antonio
Aug 31
Even as real estate companies cut costs and narrowed losses in the second quarter of 2023, the third quarter may deliver the truest test of their financial mettle, Mike DelPrete told Intel
Aug 30
Consumer sentiment dipped to 69.5 in August following months of recovery, a downward shift that underscores the complex web of rapidly changing expectations, according to data released Friday
Aug 25
Homebuyers have been dropping out of the market. Of the ones who are still in, more are eyeing a cross-city relocation, Redfin data suggests
Aug 23
Should agents, brokers and clients put their faith in artificial intelligence right now? Until accuracy is improved, the answer is a resounding 'no,' Anywhere Chief Product Officer Tony Kueh told Intel
Aug 23
Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on Wednesday told MarketWatch that current transaction levels — sustained primarily by people who absolutely need to move — are about as low as they ever get
Aug 18
The biggest publicly traded brokerages and tech companies significantly slashed losses in the second quarter, restoring investor confidence, according to an Intel analysis of Q2 earnings data
Aug 16
Among the publicly traded real estate enterprises to release second-quarter earnings reports this month, 2 companies stood out for John Campbell, a managing director at analytics firm Stephens
Aug 16
Buyers with doubts need to know they're being heard. A well-oiled process for responding to their objections can help, Bianca D'Alessio and Aaron West said Thursday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
Aug 11
Price declines were bigger in the spring than in the late winter, according to quarterly home sales data issued Thursday by NAR. But to real estate agents in most US markets, it didn't feel that way
Aug 10
Everyone's talking about chatbots. But 3 experts at Inman Connect Las Vegas explored AI's other cutting-edge applications for agents during a panel on Wednesday
Aug 10
Every broker wants to recruit top agents. But what works when transactions are scarce? Two real estate professionals shared their thoughts Wednesday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
Aug 9
Homeowners feel locked in and for good reason. But sellers should know the other side of the coin too, agents argued at Inman Connect
Aug 8
During Inman Connect on Tuesday, Damian Eales,'s newly installed CEO, revealed the marching orders he's received from Rupert Murdoch as he aim to scale the top of the portal game
Aug 8
Home transactions may be down, but you wouldn't know it from most brokerage payrolls. Real estate hiring churned along in July, according to new data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Aug 4
The popular vacation-rental platform dragged down the results of its parent company Expedia Group in the second quarter of the year, according to an earnings call Thursday
Aug 3
The Fed has raised interest rates to fight inflation in the past. A new Intel analysis illuminates the data behind the 'rate lock' of the early 1980s and how long it took home sales to eventually recover
Aug 2