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Thanks to the success of several hit TV shows and the rebound of the nation’s housing market, interest in real estate investing — primarily flipping houses — is the highest it’s been in nearly a decade. For real estate professionals, this provides a unique opportunity to build profitable long-term relationships by becoming an indispensable member of the investor’s team.

Jun 16

But how do you reach this evasive and highly mobile-oriented group, especially now — at the peak of the season? Simple — get to know them first. Here, we’ve mapped out some essential traits of the millennial crowd and aligned them with some of our favorite tips for email marketing success to help get you started.

Jul 21

Have you tried to open an email on your phone, only to realize it’s too difficult to see because it’s in a tiny font? You spend the next few minutes pinching and zooming with your fingers, trying to enlarge the text so you can read it and see the images.

May 27