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Having your content succeed on social media is crucial to its success. Before considering how you will promote your content, you first need to ensure that you have spent enough time perfecting your content through research, analysis, search engine optimization (SEO) and editing.

Oct 17

It’s important for every real estate professional to have a large email list, but it’s more important that your email list is active and effective. If your email recipients are not opening your emails, you are losing business and wasting time and money.

Jun 21

The essence of a great real estate website is the ability to communicate a story. Storytelling and communicating the right message are what separate great Web design from good Web design. In 2016, storytelling will continue to emerge as the core competency of the best real estate sites.

Mar 14

When customers go to your website, see your marketing material or walk into your brokerage, your logo is generally the first thing they will notice. Choosing the right logo color is essential to your brand’s identity.

Oct 5

Helping potential clients starts with having quality, helpful content on your website. You have your property search — that’s a necessity. But do you have useful community content?

Sep 8

Your brand includes your customer experience, your employees’ experiences, how you present your business and your product, and how people perceive your business. You are likely going to spend a lot of time and money developing your brand, so make sure that you don’t make these five branding mistakes along the way.

Jul 14

Web design is a faced-paced industry, and we often see big trends come and go. But many of the Web design trends we’ve seen rising in the last few years are still around, and more new trends are emerging in 2015.

Jan 30

A brand is anything — a symbol, design, name, reputation, emotion, tone or any other signifier — that separates one thing from another. That’s a broad definition for what is actually a very personal message to the consumer.

Jan 15