Jay's Stories

Only about a third of the state’s population can actually afford to live there
Dec 21

Being a die-hard science fiction fan, I struggle every day to pry my mind away from thoughts of outer space, interstellar travel and futuristic worlds, to focus on my real estate work. The subject matter really consumes me. I started wondering the other day, who really owns the moon — and outer space, for that matter?

Jan 7

All you time robbers out there — you know who you are, and your victims likely know you, too. You have been caught before, but fail to cease your ways. You talk a cool, smooth game to reel in your prey. Well, we’re on to you.

Dec 9

As an agent, I’m sure that you receive a litany of emails and calls about the new shiny technology that you must have for your business to operate — if you don’t have it, you’re leaving commission on the table.

Sep 22

How fun are the reality shows these days? What a great escape from your day to watch the trials and tribulations of others. The real estate reality shows, in particular, are an entertaining format showing buying and selling and deals being made on the streets of cities such as New York and San Francisco.

Aug 31