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Some might say negotiating is for prison wardens and hostage negotiators, but some of the most highly paid people in the world — and the ones that are in the most command of their own time — are superb negotiators.

Mar 28

The quest for personal growth in the real estate industry is common, and sometimes we forget that this quest is not an individual one. Starting with an almost child-like quality that serves just about every aspect of one’s life, here are six ideas to help keep your focus on what really matters.

Mar 22

Stefan Swanepoel, the world’s foremost authority on real estate statistical trends and author of the DANGER Report, spoke of emerging technology, changing markets and where he feels we’re going as an industry at the National Association of Expert Advisors (NAEA) Exponential Growth Summit.

Nov 11

As real estate agents, the‚Äč “Sweet spot” of your efficiency and productivity can only be increased if you are open to the possibility of trying a few tips to help get it under control.

Sep 30