Jennifer's Stories

One of the hardest things to do when writing a blog is to figure out what to write every week. When I started blogging, I couldn’t write fast enough. I had all these ideas pent up through the years, and I had to write them all now. Then slowly the ideas start to fade, and you have a blog that is staring at you waiting for you to write something.

Jun 11

The past seven months of blogging has changed my life. It has changed my family, my business and how I look at things. In my last post for Inman I wrote about six lessons I learned from blogging. I have seven more lessons that I would like to share with you, including one at the end that I think we all struggle with from time to time.

Jun 2

Seven months ago, I took a leap of faith. A scary risk that I felt I needed to do. I decided to shut down my consistent stream of income creating real estate marketing tools. I decided to turn my complete focus to starting a real estate marketing blog.

May 18

Landing pages are a game changer for real estate agents when done right. You have the opportunity to quit buying leads and generate business from your own website.

Apr 13

You created the perfect landing page around one niche. You created the perfect opt-in offer for this niche. You are even marketing your landing page, and people are downloading your free opt-in offer. Now what?

Mar 18

I have had three articles published on Inman in the last two months. And just four days after my most recent post went live, 54 people had signed up for my list.

Mar 2

Social media can be a soul-crushing experience for a real estate agent. On Facebook, your posts get seen by a whopping four people. Or on Twitter, you find out that a past client just bought a house with another agent.

Feb 18

The millennial generation is a social bunch. To reach your millennial clients, look for the things they aren’t telling you. Here are seven things a millennial will not talk to you about during the homebuying process.

Feb 2