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Not every potential homebuyer is interested in purchasing an existing property. In fact, many want to design and build a custom home, which means it’s the real estate agent’s job to help them find the perfect piece of land.

Jul 22

It’s no secret that home designs and features transform over the years. When technology advances like whole house automation were first incorporated into homes, we thought it was futuristic, but it was just a stepping stone to what homes look like today and in years to come.

Mar 2

Houston home inventory is increasing slightly, but still remains lower than many other metropolitan markets. With fewer homes currently on the market, new construction in Houston is a more popular option for interested buyers.

Feb 3

The Houston real estate industry is holding strong and the opportunities to be a part of the booming activity continue. While many consumers think of getting involved in a real estate transaction only when they are looking for a homestead, the opportunities for investing beyond your primary residence is vast.

Nov 5