Lee's Stories

Real estate agents have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to promote fairness in the way their clients and others are treated. Asking questions and supporting clients are key elements in becoming an active advocate for fair housing in your market
Jul 4
Unfortunately, laws are not magic because those laws do not magically stop violations from occurring. In the best case scenario, laws provide a possible remedy if there is proof of the violation and the violator is caught
Jun 17
In this podcast episode, broker, coach and author Dr. Lee Davenport talks to two real estate pros who are on the cutting edge of the intersection between technology and real estate
Jun 10
Un-fair housing is an impediment to homeownership. Without fair access and opportunity to buy a home in this land of the free, homeownership likely feels to those denied like a nightmare, not the American dream
Jun 6
When we talk about fair housing, we primarily focus on its effect on buyers and sellers. Here's why fair housing extends to the inclusion of underrepresented real estate pros
Apr 19
Fair housing doesn't have to be about violations, shame and punishment. Here are a few ways to use positive reinforcement, like awards, to create a renewed sense of celebration as well as better outcomes all around
Mar 22
Black History Month is an extra special time to give extra special attention to Black excellence in the real estate industry
Feb 9
As real estate pros, it is vital that we understand the historical context and the lasting implication of "location, location, location," especially if it is wielded to exclude, devalue or separate
Jan 17