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It’s no secret that our country as a whole has some deep concerns about our current presidential election. It doesn’t matter if you like one of the candidates or dislike them both, everyone seems to have concerns about how this election will impact the economy and the nation.

Oct 25

Have you ever felt regret about something you didn’t do? Most of us have some nagging memory of a time when we didn’t take action. We let opportunity slip by. In hindsight, we see that if we would have taken action and failed, it would have been better than not taking action at all — because without action we only have “what if” to plague our minds.

Sep 30

Think of the most accomplished athletes. LeBron James might come to mind for basketball. Serena Williams for tennis. David Beckham for soccer. These are the players who always seem to get the ball. Why is it they’re able to score so much more frequently?

Sep 7