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Imagine driving to the airport. Getting there early is ideal — having time to unwind before the flight, stroll around the airport, maybe buy a magazine or two. To do this, one would need to chart the most efficient way to get there with time to spare.

Apr 28

At a May 2015 conference, the founder and Chairman of Zillow noted that recurringly across companies he invests in mobile web gets the majority of mobile users, as high as 70 percent, but a small fraction of engagement, as low as 5 percent.

Nov 18

The appeal of the business card is clear, you want to put something in people’s hands to help them contact you. In my last article, I talked about personalized apps that could replace agent business cards as a marketing tool. You want your name, number and brand to be in clients’ phones rather than lost somewhere in their desk.

Sep 28

The best thing to do would be to provide ways for your clients to get in touch with you right on that syllabus. Here are three things to include in a client information packet that will make you a cool real estate agent, not a regular one.

Aug 20