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According to a recent survey of brokerage owners and managers conducted by my company, WebsiteBox, most real estate brokerages with marketing websites want their agents also to have an individual web presence.

Jun 16

My company’s analysis of 11,000 real estate websites strongly suggests that it’s time for all real estate professionals to ensure that their sites are ready for mobile users. Here’s what we learned.

Feb 13

We recently surveyed real estate professionals about print marketing attitudes, including questions about where they spent their print dollars and where they would devote more money if they could. Starting off with the big question, we asked respondents if they think print marketing is dead.

Jan 29

Want to beat out the search results from the big sites like Zillow, and others with national coverage? Then think in terms about what people might say — rather than type — into a search engine box.

Jan 14
Where should you focus your SEO efforts?
Dec 23

Our August survey of 342 real estate agents yielded some interesting results when it came to the question, “Which of the following SEO activities have you spent time on?” Respondents could check all options that applied to them, and here’s what we found:

Dec 23