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No one likes to hear that they’ve lost — but you have to hear it, so I’ll be that guy. You’ve been duped by consultants, tech gurus and wannabes that tell you that you should worry about your Google ranking. But no matter how much you invest in search engine optimization (SEO), how much you customize your website or how much you spend with that consultant, you can’t beat the portals.

Oct 12

Have you ever replied to a buyer email and never heard back? Was it a junk lead? Maybe. It’s more likely that you sent an ineffective email. Put simply, poorly crafted emails waste time and money, the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to do.

Apr 6

Brokers and agents need to make quick sense of what the closing Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia means for the immediate and ongoing future. To help you toward that end, here is a cheat sheet covering deal structure, what it means for the two brands, and sharing insights about how you should react to the news.

Feb 18