Robert's Stories

Recently, I was reading an article by Gary Vaynerchuk that talks about trying to convert the unconvertible. When you spend your valuable time trying to convert or sell the wrong customer, you lose out on the valuable opportunities to help those that truly need your product and service.

Nov 16

The way to acquire prospects into your funnel has somewhat changed over the years, but the way to follow up has not. Here are my five tactics to turn “lookers” into buyers.

Jul 7

Is there a science or psychology to pricing your client’s property? I believe there is, and that price is a direct function of marketing.

Apr 17

When I market a client’s property, I determine a market price without viewing the property and the probability of that property being sold in 30, 60 or 90 days based on comparables and market data. Then I determine a market value once viewing and assessing all the benefits, the condition of the property and external market data.

Mar 26

To be highly successful, you need methods other than the typical three-step approach. The model I have adopted is called the “7 P’s” of marketing.

Feb 17

Internet buyer lead generation accounts for nearly 70 percent of my buyer business each year. Since 2006, I have been investing in buyer lead systems, and I now maintain a consistent 400 percent return on investment from Internet lead generation.

Jan 12

According to many real estate surveys, one of the biggest complaints from home sellers is a lack of communication with agents. After the listing contract is signed, most agents never contact the seller again, leaving them to wonder how their home is being marketed or what the agent is doing to help sell their home.

Dec 2
Make a plan to stay in close contact with your clients
Dec 2