Ryan's Stories

Process is important in reaching goals and performance improvement
Jan 23
It goes beyond setting vague goals and leaving agents to figure it out for themselves
Dec 26
What questions should you ask to screen for uber productive agents? What are the attributes of top producers? Real estate coach Jon Cheplak shares his insights
Nov 29
These services streamline how we operate and give us insight and clarity
Oct 23
In times of ultimate stress, hold tight to your support system, take everything one day at a time, and keep moving
Sep 24
They say if you want to grow your business as an agent, get into listings. If you want to grow your business as a real estate professional, build a team
Sep 4
After the low of losing my top producer and the high of winning a best workplace award, I've taken a hard look at my team, and here's what I've learned
Aug 14
Live online broadcasts are a great way to educate and engage with both agents and potential clients interested in real estate
Jul 23