Ryan's Stories

Now that shelter-in-place measures are easing up, it's time to rethink the unhealthy habits we picked up while in quarantine. Here are four things to implement for an effective work routine and life after lockdown
May 28
How can agents navigate the new landscape of a socially distanced workplace? Here's what one team leader is doing to pave the way for his agents' success
Apr 23
In a time rife with misinformation, uncertainty and fear, it's hard to lead with confidence. As the world shifts and changes, there are a few things you can instill in your team so they can make better decisions
Mar 23
Here’s the prolific team leader’s take on cultivating your team, widening your reach and understanding consumers' growing desire for instant gratification
Feb 27
Process is important in reaching goals and performance improvement
Jan 23
It goes beyond setting vague goals and leaving agents to figure it out for themselves
Dec 26
What questions should you ask to screen for uber productive agents? What are the attributes of top producers? Real estate coach Jon Cheplak shares his insights
Nov 29
These services streamline how we operate and give us insight and clarity
Oct 23