Tom's Stories

Instead of focusing on the results themselves, focus on the activities that drive results. Use these methods to re-engage after an initial conversation and land the listing
Feb 24
Establishing a real estate business plan will make you unstoppable because you’ll know your goals and you’ll know how to achieve them. Clarity leads to solid follow-up and execution
Feb 22
Staying top-of-mind is all about staying in touch. Here's how savvy agents reach out on a regular basis to their database
Jan 31
Using your CRM is all about getting seconds back in your schedule. Your database will free up more of your time and allow you to work smarter. Here's how it can help you set more appointments and sell more houses
Jan 25
Tracking and predicting conversions ensures more effective and consistent followup
Jan 24
Every agent wants to win more listings, but few are willing to invest the time practicing. You must be willing to do the reps and craft your presentations so that sellers will likely sign with you. Here's how
Jan 3
Auditing your CRM will build self-awareness and help you establish personal responsibility around your processes. Most importantly, you’ll sell more houses — which ultimately is the goal of every single real estate agent
Jan 3
Master the commitments you've made, and improve your business by following these simple steps to stay accountable
Dec 13