The real estate industry has endless opportunities for agents to succeed. Finish the year on top with these 5 pipeline-building strategies
Sep 29
When creating an offer, keeping a multiple-offer mindset is essential. You should always assume the sellers are reviewing multiple offers so you can make sure your client comes out on top
Sep 9
There is a great deal of advice floating around for new agents who are trying to establish themselves and start their careers. Ted Clair shares with Tom Toole what his focus is right now as a newbie in a shifting market
Sep 7
If the slower market has you discouraged, never fear. Coach Tom Toole has the best advice for agents looking to turn things around from Nick Bailey, CEO & President of RE/MAX International
Aug 29
Stop overcomplicating the process of creating a video content strategy to market your business and your listings. Jimmy Burgess helps you get started with a video content strategy
Aug 13
Mastering the buyer's consult establishes credibility with clients and helps agents find the most motivated buyers with the highest intent to transact
Jul 27
For too many agents, a call after the listing is sold is ignored. Instead, make it an opportunity and a springboard for adding value
Jul 11
When your customer’s personality style differs from your own, use the following techniques to keep the lines of communication open
Jul 11
Agents must effectively and efficiently communicate the value they bring. The best way to do that is by differentiating yourself from 1.5  million other agents with truly stellar service and communication
May 26
Stop trying to sell homeowners on selling their homes. Instead, offer value with this simple, proven technique for listing lead gen
May 12
Inventory continues to be a challenge for all real estate agents, but you don’t have to wait passively for the market to provide inventory
May 11
Realtors create challenges for themselves when they fail to learn about their local market. Here's how mining local data can make a difference
Apr 29
Conversion is the name of the game, and it requires rapid engagement with each lead. These hacks will help you speed up your response time so that you can connect with your prospects quickly and win their business
Mar 23
Regain control, regain success: Steps to take charge of your calendar and your business
Mar 22
Each individual lead pillar is different and includes its own measurable results. Here's how to create a specific strategy for planning, tracking and accountability
Mar 8
Overcome the client's uncertainty and lead them toward the best decision for their circumstances. Here's how to reach out to on-the-fence prospects, earn their trust and snag the client for life
Mar 4
Instead of focusing on the results themselves, focus on the activities that drive results. Use these methods to re-engage after an initial conversation and land the listing
Feb 24
Establishing a real estate business plan will make you unstoppable because you’ll know your goals and you’ll know how to achieve them. Clarity leads to solid follow-up and execution
Feb 22
Staying top-of-mind is all about staying in touch. Here's how savvy agents reach out on a regular basis to their database
Jan 31
Using your CRM is all about getting seconds back in your schedule. Your database will free up more of your time and allow you to work smarter. Here's how it can help you set more appointments and sell more houses
Jan 25