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Focus, discipline and commitment get you to your goal
Dec 29
Try something new in 2018 ... you'll be glad you did
Dec 28

The beginning of a new year is a critical time for real estate agents as they look ahead to what the year might bring. It’s an opportunity to analyze past performance, make goals and set concrete plans to realize those real estate business goals.

Feb 8

Moving — it’s something we all do, whether it’s to a new house or a new job. It’s not unusual for real estate agents to change brokerages. Although financial considerations are obviously important to any business decision, they should not be the sole motivating factor.

Dec 29

Fall has moved in after a strong summer season, and as the year begins to draw to a close, it’s a perfect time to review the market’s performance and where it’s headed — and what that means for real estate agents and their business moving forward.

Oct 16

For more than 10 years, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has designated September as National Realtor Safety Month. But the need for real estate agents to be aware of safety issues on the job is more critical than ever.

Sep 24

Because the ultraluxury niche is small and most real estate agents don’t work within it, focusing on distressed property auctions is most prudent for those interested in adding these transactions to their business. For residential properties, there are three main types of property auctions, and here’s how they might benefit your business.

Aug 18

Many real estate experts expect to see a surge in first-time homebuyers this year, and that influx of new buyers might be the push that current homeowners need to move out — and up.

Jul 24