NAR letter urges HUD to focus on Fair Housing
A missive from NAR President Bill Brown to HUD Secretary Ben Carson outlines NAR's thoughts
by Amber Taufen | Jun 16
Act rolling back Dodd-Frank passes the House
The House Financial Services Committee put together a bill that passed along party lines
by Amber Taufen | Jun 9
Zestimate legal challenge seeks class-action status
The suit alleges that Zestimates are illegal appraisals and violate consumer protection laws
by Teke Wiggin | May 24
What happens to homeowners under Trump's tax plan?
The National Association of Realtors expands on its "reform isn't great for homeowners" position
by Amber Taufen | May 19
Where NAR and HUD's Ben Carson concur (and conflict)
Carson addresses room full of Realtors at legislative conference to talk homeownership
by Andrea V. Brambila | May 16
NAR unveils top 3 legislative talking points
The most powerful trade organization in the country gears up for its D.C. conference
by Amber Taufen | May 3
Trump's tax plan: Good for business, bad for homeownership?
The proposed business tax rate would be a boon for agents and brokers -- but NAR is concerned about homeowners
by Amber Taufen | May 1
Trump's tax reform and NAR: The housing bias in tax policy
NAR's tax position isn’t about #Resist or #MAGA; it’s about preserving homeownership opportunities
by Sam DeBord | May 1
7 basic tax principles that make reform difficult
To have a society we must share expenses, which means raising revenue
by Lou Barnes | Apr 28
Who's Trump's nominee for HUD Deputy Secretary?
Pam Patenaude was floated as a candidate for HUD Secretary before the administration nominated Ben Carson
by Amber Taufen | Apr 28
Is it a good idea for sellers to Google buyers?
What you can find on the internet could shape which offers are accepted and more
by Amber Taufen | Apr 28
How to text leads without breaking the law
The FTC and courts around the country are still working out how privacy laws apply to text and phone marketing tools
by Teke Wiggin | Apr 27
How Canada's foreign-buyer tax is affecting U.S. real estate
Experts say that although decreasing demand can help slow price growth, addressing inventory shortages should also be part of the solution
by Amber Taufen | Apr 26
Is Trump's tax plan good for homeowners? Nope, says NAR
The country's largest trade association released a statement that said the tax plan would hurt homeownership
by Amber Taufen | Apr 26
Kids illustrate fair housing, and the results are amazing
Realtor association holds fair housing contest for elementary and middle schoolers
by Andrea V. Brambila | Apr 26