In the short term, home prices will fall. But then what, economists ask
Affordability concerns weigh on nearly every corner of the housing market as the economy tips toward a possible recession, according to a new survey of real estate experts
by Daniel Houston Oct 27
President Donald Trump
The former president was hit with a lawsuit that accuses him, among other charges, of drastically overstating the value of his real estate holdings
by Ben Verde Sep 22
Congress closer to prodding VA to update appraisal requirements
The Department of Veterans Affairs allows desktop appraisals when borrowers put 20% down, but nearly 90% of VA-backed loans are made to homebuyers who put zero down
by Matt Carter Sep 15
Biden overturns rule that stifled immigrant housing access
The Department of Homeland Security announced it wouldn't follow the 2019 amendment to the Public Charge Rule, which helps determine citizenship eligibility based on financial neediness
by Marian McPherson Sep 9
Big lenders get a head start, adopt $715,000 conforming loan limit
Moves by Rocket and United Wholesale Mortgage could help borrowers get better rates and make smaller down payments when taking out loans that were previously classified as jumbo
by Matt Carter Sep 7
Bank of America zero-down loan marketed to Black, Latinx buyers
The new zero down, zero closing cost mortgage Community Affordable Loan Solution is part of a $15B commitment to help 60,000 individuals and families purchase homes by 2025
by Matt Carter Sep 1
WATCH: How will buyer's agents make money if the DOJ wins?
The ongoing lawsuits and investigation into US industry practices could alter how buyer's agents make money on the typical home sale, panelists said earlier this month at Inman Connect
by Daniel Houston Aug 25
Affordable housing measures nixed from US climate bill
The bill contains several of Democrats' top legislative priorities. But several big affordable housing proposals missed the final cut
by Daniel Houston Aug 8
Industry warned to prepare for $40B hit on commissions
Buyer's agents, and the ecosystem of companies that provide services to them, would bear the brunt of legal challenges to the traditional commission structure, Brian Boero said at Inman Connect
by Matt Carter Aug 5
After discrimination reveal, LIBOR to tackle fair housing on Long Island
The Realtor organization's new campaign comes after a sweeping investigation in which journalists found endemic discrimination among Long Island's real estate community
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 25
LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance blasts NAR for supporting Anti-LGBTQ candidates
In a 3-page letter on Wednesday the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance called out the Realtor Political Action Committee for supporting anti-LGBTQ candidates as NAR lobbies for LGBTQ rights
by Marian McPherson Jun 30
Preventing unintentional housing discrimination
As Realtors, we are responsible for ensuring that our actions do not unintentionally discriminate against any individual or group. Unfortunately, unintentional discrimination can be challenging to identify and even more difficult to avoid
Equifax 'coding issue' possibly skews thousands of mortgage credit scores
The 'coding issue’ reportedly affecting about 12 percent of credit scores calculated from March 16 to April 6, 2022, has been corrected, according to the company.
by Matt Carter May 31
NYC sting embroils more than 120 companies in fair housing lawsuit
Filed Wednesday, the lawsuit accuses brokerages and property owners of telling renters at risk of homelessness that their vouchers would not be accepted
by Daniel Houston May 26
Senate narrowly confirms Sandra Thompson to lead Fannie, Freddie regulator
49-46 party-line vote follows Republican leader's call for a referendum on the Biden administration’s 'radical housing policy'
by Matt Carter May 26
Death knell for disputed love letter ban as Oregon concedes court ruling
Oregon's ban on homebuyer love letters would be ruled unconstitutional if a judge accepts a deal the state has struck with the brokerage that filed suit against the ban last year
by Daniel Houston May 9