Brokerage issues apology for ad accused of being racist
Kurt Flock of Flock Real Estate Group has promised to go through implicit bias training
by Marian McPherson | Oct 13
Real estate team to pay $46K for racial discrimination
Mississippi agents ignored inquiries from African Americans, steered white homebuyers, investigation finds
by Marian McPherson | Sep 28
Atlanta public housing agency files suit to block developer
AHA is trying to reverse a deal made by its former president
by Marian McPherson | Sep 19
Let's not take the Zillow co-marketing probe as legal advice
Two legal experts explain what the CFPB's investigation of co-marketing arrangements at a real estate giant could mean
by Amber Taufen | Sep 14
Comply or die: Is your co-marketing agreement legit?
When agents and brokers team up with settlement service providers, they need to follow the rules or risk trouble
by Amber Taufen | Sep 14
Trump signs flood insurance extension into law
The flood insurance program extension was part of a $15.3-billion hurricane aid package
by Amber Taufen | Sep 8
What Trump's DACA repeal could mean for real estate
From homeownership to employment, removing the option to obtain legal status will have ripple effects
by Amber Taufen | Sep 6
Flood insurance issues muddy the waters of Houston
It's one month before the NFIP is set to expire and a few days before new weather-related claims rules start in Texas
by Amber Taufen | Aug 29
FinCEN extends all-cash buyer rules to Honolulu
The enforcement network also revised its targeting orders to include a 'broader range of transactions'
by Amber Taufen | Aug 22
Housing group: MID a 'wasteful use of federal resources'
Introducing a capped tax credit and reducing MID-eligible mortgages to $500K are two proposed solutions
by Amber Taufen | Aug 16
Zillow Group and CFPB head into settlement talks
Legal action could have a 'material impact' on the company's future operations
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 9
HUD will fund $38M to fight housing discrimination
$30.35 million is reserved for organizations that investigate and litigate fair housing complaints
by Amber Taufen | Aug 4
Where is it toughest to build new homes?
The top city on the list is not San Francisco, believe it or not
by Amber Taufen | Jul 27
Quicken fined $11M in class-action appraisal lawsuit
The lender says that the law firms involved in the suit are 'predatory' and that it plans to appeal
by Amber Taufen | Jul 25
How bad could the appraiser shortage get?
Rising mortgage interest rates might cause short-term relief, but this problem is not going away anytime soon
by Amber Taufen | Jul 20