LoanDepot settles high-profile appraisal bias lawsuit filed in 2022
Lender revises appraisal policies and practices in wake of lawsuit by Baltimore couple who claimed their home was undervalued by more than $250,000 because they were Black
by Matt Carter Mar 27
Congress grants National Flood Insurance Program a reprieve
The $1.2T funding bill passed by the House Friday averts a partial government shutdown and extends a critical program that protects 4.7M homes through the end of September
by Matt Carter Mar 22
NAR settlement may disrupt mortgage partner agent programs
If homebuyers are no longer willing to pay full commissions to agents, what happens to lender programs that incentivize consumers to work with partner real estate agents?
by Matt Carter Mar 18
Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge stepping down March 22
Surprise announcement comes on same day Biden administration rolls out $7.3T budget proposal that would provide $258B to expand access to affordable housing
by Matt Carter Mar 11
Biden's relaxed new Freddie, Fannie refi requirements irk title industry
In a pilot program announced last week, the Biden administration cleared the way for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to let some homeowners refinance mortgages without paying for title insurance
by Matt Carter Mar 11
New rules for scoring mortgage borrowers coming in Q4 2025
Fannie and Freddie's federal regulator wants lenders to synchronize adoption of bi-merge credit reporting with more inclusive FICO Score 10T and VantageScore 4.0 scoring models
by Matt Carter Feb 29
Strength in home prices helped boost Fannie, Freddie 2023 profits
With a combined net worth of $125B after earnings this week, the mortgage giants remain on a path that could lead to eventual release from government conservatorship if political winds shift
by Matt Carter Feb 16
New credit scores from FICO, VantageScore gaining traction
Lenders won't be required to use the more inclusive FICO Score 10T and VantageScore 4.0 scoring models before next year, but several are already using them to expand the pool of borrowers
by Matt Carter Feb 14
Flagstar mortgages could help NYCB shore up its balance sheet
Troubled New York Community Bancorp is reportedly ready to pledge about $5B in home loans originated by Flagstar Bank as collateral for risk transfer that would bolster its capital
by Matt Carter Feb 8
FNB of Pennsylvania to pay $13.5M to settle redlining allegations
FNB's 2017 acquisition of Yadkin Bank for $1.8B expanded its footprint into North Carolina, where the DOJ alleges it avoided providing mortgages to majority-Black and Hispanic communities
by Matt Carter Feb 6
Patriot Bank denies DOJ redlining allegations, settles for $1.9M
Government alleges competitors in the community bank's peer group made home loans in minority areas of Memphis at almost three times the rate of Patriot from 2015 to at least 2020
by Matt Carter Jan 19
How this Florida legislation could lead to more sustainable housing
Attorney and new Inman Contributor Rachel Streitfeld examines how changes to Florida's zoning laws could free up vast tracts of land for high-density new home construction
by Rachel Streitfeld Jan 18
David Stevens, influential leader in mortgage finance, dies at 66
The former FHA commissioner also held executive positions at World Savings Bank, Freddie Mac, and The Long and Foster Companies before leading the Mortgage Bankers Association
by Matt Carter Jan 17
Navy Federal faces lawsuits over discriminatory lending allegations
Lawmakers are demanding a federal investigation in the wake of a CNN analysis that concluded the nation's largest credit union denied more than 50% of Black mortgage applicants in 2022
by Matt Carter Jan 12
The real estate agent's ultimate guide to fair housing
Real estate agents play a vital role in creating a fair and inclusive housing market, writes Julia Lashay Israel, helping to eliminate discrimination and promote equal opportunity for all
How cities and homeowners zoned themselves into a housing crisis
Los Angeles is one of many cities that dramatically reduced its own housing capacity over decades via a series of 20th century city planning initiatives, including homeowner-led downzoning efforts
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 27