Is the pandemic over, or isn’t it?
Is the pandemic over? With masks, the economy, in-person meetings and the lasting heartache around COVID-19, it's difficult to tell
by Teresa Boardman Apr 27
HUD to 'punish' appraisers and lenders who discriminate
Shortly after the Biden administration announced its plan to end housing discrimination, HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge said the department is taking a more hardline approach to enforcement
by Marian McPherson Apr 22
Portland is losing rentals. Realtors say rent control may be to blame
A new study found Portland lost 14 percent of its single-family rental stock in recent years following adoption of tenant protection laws
by Taylor Anderson Apr 15
HUD aims to reduce friction for ex-convicts in need of housing
The federal housing agency has given staff 6 months to consider changes to policies that create barriers to people with criminal histories
by Taylor Anderson Apr 13
7 practical ways real estate's biggest innovators are capitalizing on NFTs
Non-fungible tokens are all the rage in the financial industry right now, and are making their way into real estate in new and surprising ways. Trendsetters shared a few ideas with Inman
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 13
Should home floor plans be copyrighted intellectual property?
In a brief filed late last week, NAR suggested an ongoing lawsuit waged by Designworks Homes could lead to lawsuits 'against homeowners who make or display floor plans of their own homes'
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 12
Opendoor disciplined in North Carolina for disclosure lapses
Regulators say the iBuyer misrepresented a home and didn't get the proper permits for another. Its license was suspended for 18 months, but the NCREC has stayed the suspension
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 5
The homebuilding supply chain is broken. How can we fix it?
As homebuyers falter under the weight of scant inventory and booming home prices, everyone is counting on homebuilders to tip the scales by increasing supply. However, the specter of The Great Recession and coronavirus-induced supply chain issues means help — for builders and buyers — is far away
by Marian McPherson Mar 28
Referral app sends agents' clients to cofounder's mortgage company
Realfinity co-founder Erwin Robert Hirt's mortgage companies have been involved in litgation over loan officer compensation and suspected client data breach
by Matt Carter Mar 22
‘Modern-day redlining:’ Wells Fargo faces scrutiny over Black refi stats
The lender says credit scores, home appraisals and broader inequities in the U.S. economy explain the higher approval rates for white borrowers
by Matt Carter Mar 21
Spring Open House
The weeks leading up to the spring homebuying season have coincided with an uptick in open house activity unseen since before the pandemic, real estate agents told Inman
by Daniel Houston Mar 16
As rent spikes, a movement to bring back rent control gains momentum
More than a dozen states across the U.S. are eying rent control on legislative agendas this year in the face of rapidly rising rent, according to a new report
by Taylor Anderson Mar 15
Will Washington be the second US state to limit love letters?
An effort to ban possibly discriminatory homebuyer love letters fell short in the Washington State Legislature, but could come back next year
by Daniel Houston Mar 10
What love letters? Homebuyer notes slow to resume since ban lift
The first legal 'love letters' have started to trickle in after Oregon's ban was halted last week. But so far, buyers are taking it slow
by Daniel Houston Mar 8
To call or not to call: What if FSBOs are on the Do Not Call list? 
Real estate professionals can — and should — help FSBOs and expireds make the most informed decisions about their real estate best interests
by Darryl Davis Mar 8
Judge orders Oregon to pause its homebuyer love-letter ban
A U.S. district judge agreed these letters can lead to discrimination, but said the state law goes too far in restricting free speech
by Daniel Houston Mar 4