7 basic tax principles that make reform difficult
To have a society we must share expenses, which means raising revenue
by Lou Barnes | Apr 28
Who's Trump's nominee for HUD Deputy Secretary?
Pam Patenaude was floated as a candidate for HUD Secretary before the administration nominated Ben Carson
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Is it a good idea for sellers to Google buyers?
What you can find on the internet could shape which offers are accepted and more
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How to text leads without breaking the law
The FTC and courts around the country are still working out how privacy laws apply to text and phone marketing tools
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How Canada's foreign-buyer tax is affecting U.S. real estate
Experts say that although decreasing demand can help slow price growth, addressing inventory shortages should also be part of the solution
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Is Trump's tax plan good for homeowners? Nope, says NAR
The country's largest trade association released a statement that said the tax plan would hurt homeownership
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Kids illustrate fair housing, and the results are amazing
Realtor association holds fair housing contest for elementary and middle schoolers
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9 legal considerations for alternative listing input
Competition in this arena is heating up
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Trump is proposing a CFPB overhaul -- who would that affect?
Are consumers facing a return to a 'hodgepodge of agencies' managing complaints?
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Craigslist wins $60M judgment against rental listing site
RadPad was sued over alleged data-scraping scheme
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What real estate agents should know about pot legalization
From homeowners' insurance policies to how to shop (or not) for a house with room to grow
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CFPB proposes 'geocoding tool' in mortgage rule update
The bureau's web-based tool would help reduce the geocoding 'pain point' that lenders experience
by Amber Taufen | Apr 18
Not sure about that marketing agreement? Here's a guide
The National Association of Realtors released a list of 'do's and don'ts'
by Amber Taufen | Apr 12
Fair Housing Act covers LGBT people, court rules
Decision extends fair housing sex discrimination protection on the basis of sexual stereotyping
by Andrea V. Brambila | Apr 12
VA home loans: A great benefit in need of a major renovation
What happened when a listing (a condo that the seller originally purchased with a VA loan) went under contract
by E.J. Footer | Apr 11