Trump signs flood insurance program December extension into law
The flood insurance program extension was part of a $15.3-billion hurricane aid package
by Amber Taufen | Sep 8
What Trump's DACA repeal could mean for real estate
From homeownership to employment, removing the option to obtain legal status will have ripple effects
by Amber Taufen | Sep 6
Flood insurance issues muddy the waters of Houston disaster
It's one month before the NFIP is set to expire and a few days before new weather-related claims rules start in Texas
by Amber Taufen | Aug 29
FinCEN extends all-cash buyer rules to Honolulu
The enforcement network also revised its targeting orders to include a 'broader range of transactions'
by Amber Taufen | Aug 22
MID 'a wasteful use of federal resources,' says housing group
Introducing a capped tax credit and reducing MID-eligible mortgages to $500K are two proposed solutions
by Amber Taufen | Aug 16
Zillow Group and CFPB head into settlement talks
Legal action could have a 'material impact' on the company's future operations
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 9
HUD will fund $38 million to fight housing discrimination
$30.35 million is reserved for organizations that investigate and litigate fair housing complaints
by Amber Taufen | Aug 4
Where is it toughest to build new homes? BuildZoom analysis digs in
The top city on the list is not San Francisco, believe it or not
by Amber Taufen | Jul 27
Quicken slapped with $11M fine in class-action appraisal lawsuit
The lender says that the law firms involved in the suit are 'predatory' and that it plans to appeal
by Amber Taufen | Jul 25
How bad could the appraiser shortage get, and what are the solutions?
Rising mortgage interest rates might cause short-term relief, but this problem is not going away anytime soon
by Amber Taufen | Jul 20
Zillow Group and photography firm VHT taking battle to higher court
Rights to property photos have been the target of heightened scrutiny in recent years
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jul 19
Department of Housing and Urban Development offering $2 billion in homeless assistance grants
Programs aiming to reduce and eliminate homelessness can apply for the grants through September 28
by Amber Taufen | Jul 18
Why NAR thinks preserving 'net neutrality' is crucial for agents and brokers
Without net neutrality, agents and brokers might have to start paying more for their websites to perform as well as they have in the past
by Amber Taufen | Jul 17
Could California YIMBY rescue housing in the Golden State?
Leading tech firms stepping in to advocate for homebuilding initiatives
by Gill South | Jul 11
TRID update: It's 'appropriate' for agents and brokers to access Closing Disclosure
The CFPB amended its rules to make it clear that the mortgage document can be shared with real estate professionals
by Amber Taufen | Jul 10