When you get clear on your mission and your brand's culture, The Agency's Rainy Hake Austin writes, you can create positive and sustainable initiatives as you forge community partnerships
Feb 13
Culture can make or break the experience of your team members or agents. The Agency's Rainy Hake Austin offers tips for optimizing its power
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According to The Agency's Rainy Hake Austin, meeting the challenges of 2024 requires you to get in touch with an essential truth about the real estate business: You've never arrived
Nov 15
Knowing who you are and conveying your value with authenticity is an essential part of communicating with potential clients, writes The Agency's President Rainy Hake Austin
Oct 12
A full-service agent provides superior service and focuses on the client's best interest from beginning to end. That's what sets their performance apart
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Jul 17
Mastering the art of delegation is a critical skill for leaders and an essential component of ascending the ranks in the real estate industry
Jun 8
A sense of team spirit between staff and agents boosts morale and makes clients feel like they have more resources at their disposal
May 18
As agents adjust to changing realities, brokers and team leaders should make it clear that opportunities for growth don’t go away just because the market is in a transition
Mar 23
Growth is great, but a business is only as strong as its foundation. As you scale up, continue to prioritize the things that matter most — your clients, your team and your brand
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How do you stand out in a crowd? Focusing on these 4 pillars will help your brokerage create a consistent and memorable brand
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Put your attention toward these details, and you’ll create a positive, supportive environment where team members are happy, fulfilled and motivated — and that’s a powerful thing
Aug 25
It's a great time to dial in your vetting process, get new hires started off on the right foot and start building your best team yet.
Jul 13
Leaders have to intentionally create space and structure for minorities on their team to have an equitable experience. This responsibility has the opportunity to create a lasting impact for your brokerage
Jun 21